Constituent Assembly Debates (Proceedings)
(9th December,1946 to 24th January ,1950)



Volume I  (9th December to 23rd December 1946)


 Volume II  (20th January to 25th January 1947)


Volume III  (28th April to 2nd May 1947)


Volume IV   (14 July to 31st July 1947)  


Volume V  (14th August to 30th August 1947)


Volume VI   (27th January 1948)


Volume VII   (4th November 1948 to 8th January 1949)


Volume-VIII   (16th May to 16th June 1949)


Volume IX   (30th July to 18th September 1949)


Volume X   (6th October to 17th October 1949)


 Volume XI   (14th November to 26th November 1949)


Volume XII  (24th January, 1950)


  Indices Vol. 1-12