Secretary General laid the Bills passed by the Houses of Parliament during the 9th session of 17th Lok Sabha and assented to by the President.

SECRETARY-GENERAL: Sir, I lay on the Table a copy each, duly authenticated by the Secretary General, Rajya Sabha, of the following five Bills passed by the Houses of Parliament and assented to by the President since a report was last made to the House on the 20th July, 2022:

(i)            The Indian Antarctic Bill, 2022;

(ii)           The Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Delivery Systems (Prohibition of Unlawful Activities) Amendment Bill, 2022;

(iii)          The National Anti-Doping Bill, 2022;

(iv)          The Family Courts (Amendment) Bill, 2022; and

(v)           The Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2022.














राष्‍ट्रीय सूचना विज्ञान केन्‍द्र द्वारा इस साइट को तैयार और प्रस्‍तुत किया गया है।
इस वेबसाइट पर सामग्री का प्रकाशन, प्रबंधन और अनुरक्षण सॉफ्टवेयर एकक, कंप्‍यूटर (हार्डवेयर एवं सॉफ्टवेयर) प्रबंधन शाखा, लोक सभा सचिवालय द्वारा किया जाता है।